Monday, December 3, 2012

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  1. It is unbelievable until you went to garden by the bay itself. You will be bewitched by the scenery that garden the bay had bought to you. There is indeed spectacular and this will be a fruitful trip. Apart of it, it is a free admission to the outdoor gardens, opening hours is daily 5:00AM – 2:00AM. I now introduce you some of the amazing attractions of the glamorous place. First of all is the Supertree grove, with the uniquely designed vertical gardens of 25 to 50-metres tall had large canopies. And also take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway with an admission fee of $5. Next is the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes and be immersed in the fascinating aquatic ecosystem that exists. More than a visual treat, the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes are also rich with aquatic life. Coming up is Heritage Garden you will get to the root of Singapore's diverse history and culture through the fascinating story of plants. There are also World of plants with Venture into a realm of lush greenery and learn all about the spectacular myriad of tropical plants and the systems these plants support. Nevertheless, Garden by the bay is a place you must come in a lifetime once. Hope you would make a trip here.

    By: Tio Tze Qin

  2. Dear Michael

    How are you? It has been a long time since we saw each other. You must be having fun because of the school holiday. With the holiday, I hope you are able to make a visit to Singapore for visiting me. There are several tourist attractions around here and one of them is the Bay East Garden. A few months ago , the Singapore Government has open the attraction. The place is beautiful. So, if you are heading to Singapore, it is a pity to miss this attraction. The opening hours is from 5am to 2am daily. Knowing your sister who is a garden lover, this will excite her. On top of that, you like food. One of the features is Food Garden where it shows the various food plants used for cooking in Singapore and South East Asia. There are also food outlets available at the garden which sold delicious food at a cheap price for a tourist attraction. Last but not least, there is no need for an entrance fee. With that, I hope you are able to visit me.

    By : Darrenn Lee

  3. Well, my first time visiting the Garden By the Bay was one of my so called once in a life time experience. It was my first time sightseeing at such a height which also grant me a decent overview of the whole garden. The service crew are helpful and friendly. Whenever I ask them for more information about different structures, they will always have the patience and smile while explaining to me for the things I'm curious with. Actually I have a mini secret that one of the crew told me about this structure call "super grove", he said if visits the attraction during the night time, you will experience one of the most beautiful sights you have ever come across from the dazzling lights that are hung from the super grove trees to trees. It will surely be an memorable time there. So what are you waiting for! Go visit the place soon!

    By: Benjamin Koh

  4. Heritage Gardens at Gardens By The Bay
    Hello! I have visited Gardens by the Bay recently during my school trip and I would like to share with you what it is all about!
    From the name of the place, you would have guessed that it is a garden! It was completed in 2011. The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work and its opening hours is daily from 5am to 2am.
    One of the attractions I would tell you more about is the Heritage Gardens. This garden is very unique as it comprises four different type of garden, namely Chinese Garden, Indian Garden, Malay Garden and Colonial Garden. Each of the gardens provides us with abundant of information on the history and culture of Singapore. This sounds interesting isn’t it?
    One bird kills two stones! You will get to know more about Singapore’s past while you are admiring the beautiful scenery there just by visiting this attraction! Furthermore, it is free to visit this attraction.
    Do make a visit to Gardens by the Bay when you come to Singapore! Hope to see you around! 

    -Emily Chin

  5. Hey Jason it's been a while since I last saw you in Singapore. How is life in Australia? I hope you are doiung fine over there. Actually, do you know that Singapore recently has a very famous attraction which is the garden by the bay located at marina bay.
    I recommend you to visit this very interesting attraction as this place house a thousand of plants and flowers. One attraction in the garden by the bay is the heritage garden. The heritage gardens is a collection of four themed gardens that will take you through the history and culture of Singapore's three main ethnic groups and colonial past.As you awlk through each garden, discover the stories of the contribution from different ethnic groups towards Singapore's formation. The Malay Garden , ' a reflection of community,' stresses the role of edible fruits and medicinal plants used by the local Malay poplulation, while the colonial garden, ' a reflection of ambition', covers issues like plant transportation and profitable crops that have shaped Singapore's history and economy. If you are thinking of coming back Singapore for your holiday i sincerely recommend you to visit this place.

    by johnteoh

  6. Hey Mike,

    How have you been doing? Hope everything is going well over in Canada. I have a place in mind for you to visit in Singapore if you are coming down this holiday. This place is called Gardens by the Bay. It is a beautiful place and has many surprising and fascinating sights. The environment there is very soothing and it is a very good place to relax or spend time there with your friends or loved ones. I have one specific place for you to visit when your there, The Supertree Grove. The Supertree Grove is uniquely designed vertical garden of 25 to 50 meters high canopies. You can have a amazing view of Marina Bay and some parts of harbor front, you can also enjoy the scenery and the surroundings around you. You can also learn about the various tropical plants and the system these plants support and many more! I hope that you would visit this place. I'm sure you would enjoy your time there. Take care!

    Ong Wen Lee.

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  8. Do come and take a look at the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, and be fascinated by the aquatic ecosystem that is available. The lakes are a rich source of aquatic life from fish to plants, and the plants act as a natural eco-filter to cleanse water that has been captured from run-offs or pumped in from the connecting Marina reservoir. From this, you can see that it is very eco-friendly and helpful to the environment. You will also be able to see many dragonflies flying freely amidst the plants and lakes, and kingfishers randomly swimming in the water. Once seeing it, you will feel very refreshed and relaxed. You are able to walk on a path beside the lake to enjoy fully, the scenery. I believe it will amaze you as you rarely see this kind of sight. This is an attraction not to be missed if you come to Gardens By the Bay, so do leave part of your journey here!

    Ang Khing Fang

  9. If you come by to the Gardens by the Bay, you must come to the Heritage Gardens. The Heritage Gardens is made up of four themed gardens: Indian Garden, Chinese Garden, Malay Garden and Colonial Garden.

    As you might have known, Singapore is a multi-racial and religious country. It would be a perfect place for you to understand the different cultures and its history of the different ethnic groups. Once you stepped into any of the four themed gardens, you will be surrounded by a hundred of different types of flowers embracing you and accompany you throughout your journey. It would halt your steps for a moment and prompting you to admire these flowers. The fragrant smell released from the flowers would calm you down from Singapore's hot weather and able you to continue your journey in a relax mood.

    In addition, descriptions on the different ethnic groups and our colonial past can be found on the walls as you continue your journey. The descriptions would embark you on a 'journey' to the world of the different ethnic groups and our colonial past. Furthermore, Moon Gate, Benevolent Buddha, Kampong House, and Black and White Verandah will be waiting for you to be discovered in each of the themed gardens.

    By: Ong Yu Shan Samantha

  10. Hi! When you come to Sinagpore for holidays, I recommend you to the Gardens by the Bay. It is a newly open tourist attraction. When touring around the garden like World of plants, you’re able to know the origin and history of the different flower. Inside the bay like flower and cloud dome, you are able to see different species of flowers and how they adapt to Singapore humid weather. They also have the OCBC skyway for tourists where you pay a certain amount to see an overview of the garden plus the Marina Bay Sands. Inside the OCBC skyway building, there is a bistro for tourists to chill in and enjoy the panoramic views. Do visit the Gardens by the Bay and hope to see you around.

    By Jolene

  11. Hey there! How are you been doing lately? I heard that you are coming to Singapore for vacation next month and I also head that you are interested in the nature. I will recommend you to visit one of our newly build attraction when you reach Singapore. It is called Gardens by the bay located near Marina Bay Sands. My teacher brought our class yesterday and I really enjoyed my trip there!
    Gardens by the bays not only allow us to enjoy our view there, it allows us to gain knowledge about the nature through the boards and signs there. I also learnt about the regional cultures at the Heritage Gardens! There are also unique tall tree-looking structures that dominate the Garden.
    But however, I will suggest you to bring extra cash because not all the attractions are free. But it is worth it because the attractions are really interesting! It allows you look at many different types of the nature. There are other free attractions such as SuperGrove Trees, Heritage Gardens and Dragonfly and KingFisher Lake! Don’t forget to bring a camera with you to take photos there, the scenery there are beautiful.

    By: Felicia Tan Wan Ting

  12. Grande by the Bay is Singapore’s latest tourism will like visit it is also represent of Singapore “City in a Garden” vision. This Garden by the bay is opened on Oct 2011 and Singapore government speed about 900 million to build this Garden. The Garden is different from other gardens. It has sustainability efforts, which is the newest ideas design for the green environment city in Singapore. You also may find out what are the sustainability efforts when you are walking around the garden. There are two nice places to visit in the gardens which are the “Flower Dome” & “Could Forest”. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. Least by not least the nicer which is the cloud Forest, A 35-meter tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the world’s the tallest indoor waterfall showcases at Singapore tropical highlands up to 2,000 – meters above the sea level. Other than this two nice place that I am talking about and also I have find out another nice place at Grande by the Bay which is the OCBC skyway, which build among the unique trees. This will be the exciting part of visitor to visit. You can direct look at the Marina Bay Sand hotel and also other interesting thing you are about to see at OCBC skyway.
    When at night time you will be able to see this at OCBC Skyway if you will like to go out to the OCBC skyway which only cost you SGD 5.

    By: Wei Qiang

  13. Hello Jameson, it has been a long time since I contacted you. How are you doing in America? If you are coming back to Singapore for a holiday trip during December, I recommend you to visit Heritage Garden in Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay. If your memory serves you well, you should remember that Singapore is multi-racial and religious country. The Heritage Gardens is a collection of four themed gardens that will take you through the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past. In the garden, you will be able to discover the stories of the contribution from different ethnic groups towards Singapore’s formation. By exploring the Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Colonial-themed gardens, you will be able to unearth the roots of Singapore’s diverse history and culture through the fascinating story of plants. I believe you will be interested by the amazing stories in the Heritage Gardens, hope you will make a trip there! See you soon!

  14. Hi John! Today I’m sharing with you a new attraction from Singapore! The Gardens By The Bay just launched it’s opening this year and it’s the first eco-friendly park which converts carbon dioxide gases to oxygen. I had visited the park and looked around at one of it’s attraction, which is the Heritage Gardens. The Heritage Gardens is a collection of four themed gardens that will take you through the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past, and the gardens are the Indian, Malay, Chinese and Colonial garden. Each of this garden depicts the different cultural group’s specific way of using herbs and plants for various purposes. The Heritage Gardens is a collection of four themed gardens that will take you through the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past. Hopefully you would come and enjoy this attraction and find out more about the park and many more other attractions other than the Heritage Gardens!

  15. Dear Jack, it's been awhile since we last met. Hope you're doing fine studying abroad. Anyway I would like to introduce to you the South Bay Garden located at the newly opened Garden's by the Bay. One particular feature would be the Supertree. The Supertree is a tree-liked structure covered in bright colored flowers. Upon traveling to the top, you get to appreciate the view of the city as well as the ferry transport taking place along the Singapore river. The interior of the Supertree also consists of food and beverages outlet so you can enjoy a delicious meal after a long and tiring tour. During the nighttime,there is a wonderful performance called the OCBC Garden Rhapsody. When you return I really wish we could take time to explore the sight together. See you soon !
    By : Lim Shi Yuan.

  16. Hi.Its been a while since i last saw you! how have you been?!I heard you are coming to Singapore for a holiday so i would like to bring you to our latest attraction called Gardens by the bay! Its covered by gigantic tress called supertrees.You will be awed by the magnificant structure!When night falls,the trees will come alive with lights and music! there is also the a elevated walkway for you to walk on and and an aerial view of the the whole garden.And the best part is there are two huge observertories built next to it. with a big waterfall.There is an huge varieties of plants,vines,orchids which are not found in SIngapore.Ihope you would come with me to see this magnificant structure!I promised it will Blow your minds


  17. Hey Rebecca, have you heard about the Garden By The Bay that is recently established at Marina in Singapore?
    I would like to share with you my experience in the heritage gardens. The heritage gardens consist of different garden representing Singapore’s various ethnic groups.
    There is the Night Life of Trees Panel located at the Indian Garden where there are walls of writings and pictures showing the Indian culture heritage.
    At the Chinese garden, the landscape of the place is very calm and soothing which brings about a Zen like feel with the pond, trees and rock like statues.
    At Malay Garden, they have a kampong house that is built using materials solely derived from nature. Under the Kampong House, there is also short film presentation screening on the traditional Malay crafts.
    There is an also cool architectural shelter at the Colonial garden that is shaped like verandahs which reflects the black and white bungalow houses that are often associated with Singapore’s colonial past. Under the shelter, there are interactive booths for visitors to see and smell some of the spice/agriculture grown (cinnamon, cloves, star anise), which I think is educational and eye opening.
    Looking forward to your next visit to Singapore! Hope to take u there sometimes! Cheers!

  18. Hey there! How are you? Hope you are doing well. It’s been awhile since you last visited Singapore. Recently, I’ve been to one of Singapore’s top attraction which is ‘Gardens by the Bay’ with my school. I would like to share with you about this attraction.
    The aim of this attraction is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city! As the garden is so huge, it is difficult to cover every part of the garden. One of the attractions in there is the ‘Heritage Gardens’. It is a collection of four themed gardens, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Colonial Garden that will take you through the history and culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups and colonial past.
    Another attraction is the ‘Supertree Grove’! The Supertrees are tree-like structures that range from 25 – 50 metres. There is also a walkway between two Supertrees for visitors to take a spectacular view of the gardens!
    There is so much more to see and experience at ‘Gardens by the Bay’! I hope you come to Singapore to visit soon. I can take you there. See you soon!